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A rockin' collection of Songs about America

From "Yankee Doodle" to "Born in the USA," there are many songs about America! Tom Todd presents the most popular of these in a fun, fascinating and entertaining show. These songs are suitable for:

School Assembly programs  A one hour, fast paced, high energy educational show that is tailored to support any school's history, social studies and, of course, music programs. And it rocks!

Veterens clubs (VFW, American Legion, Amvets, etc).

Other clubs (Lions, Eagles, etc) having a patriotic event.

County and State Fairs, city "party in the park" venues.

Special events needing Americana, patriotic, loyalty, historical or educational entertainment.

Popular suggestion for Fairs and Parks: Tom could do a 1 hour "Americana" show, then a 1 hour "Trip to Buffettville" show.

Americana Song List

Born in the USA, Livin in the USA, Rt.66, Surfin USA, California Girls, Rockin in the USA, Pink Houses (Ain't that America), Proud to be an American, Coming to America, American Pie, Ohio

Bugler Boy from Company B, Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There, Navy Hymn, marines Hymn, Army Hymn, Air Force Hymn,

America The Beautiful, My Country tis of Thee, God Bless America, This is My Country, This Land is Your Land, Your a Grand Old Flag, Star Spangled Banner

Country Roads, Dixie, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Battle of New Orleans, Yankee Doodle, John Henry

and many others

These songs can be presented as a straight "Americana" show, or interspersed among Tom's incredible variety of fun, rockin songs! See his entire song list...Song List

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