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Tom's first book now available!!!

My Life on a StringMy Life on a String 

by Tom Todd


This is a fun to read, humorous look at the wacky world of the working musician. But you don't have to know a scale from a whale to get a whale of a chuckle out of this book. Short chapters, cute cartoon pictures and a laugh-a-minute make this an easy reading book you'll want to share with your friends.

It can be purchased at: Barnes and Noble


Locally at Borders in Mentor [Mentor Ave just east of Heisley Rd]

at any of Tom Todd's music gigs.    Schedule

More about the book: What is the worst pop tune ever written? What was the worst gig? What is a musician's biggest nightmare? These secrets and many more are revealed in this humorous collection of short essays that show the ridiculous and hilarious backstage view of the musician and his slightly warped world.
Whether you are an accomplished musician, a three-chord hacker, a musician wannabe or just curious about some of the "behind the scenes" antics that musicians find themselves going through, this book will make you chuckle, laugh or blow milk out your nose! It's guaranteed to entertain and to open the readers' eyes on the hard work, love, sweat and tears that go into making that glorious noise!
Read with caution and do not read while drinking milk!